Bolthouse Farms, Vanilla Chai Tea Flavor

This is really awesome, something that you’ll like and something for anyone that’s into tea or just dieting.  When I first slip the drink right when it first touched the tips of my tongue, some how it was different it wasn’t nasty or gross, it was refreshing and I liked it.  because it wasn’t like any other drink in the market. Then again Bolt House doesn’t just sell just tea it sells favors as well.  which I felted absorb wanting to get another kick out of it.  When I went to my local supermarket that sell bolthouse…when I checked the prices each of them was like almost three dollars (I don’t remember exact price)  I like product but its just a bit pricey per bottle. but its something that you want to get when its on sell.  The advantages thats good about it is lactose free and its Gluten Free.  Here’s the website for you to check it out.