PlayStation 5 Launch: Console Release Fall 2020, What We Know.

Over the weekend, Sony revealed new PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Editions

PlayStation 5 & PlayStation 5 Digital Edition face front

Understanding the PlayStation 5 Reveal

We have exciting tech news about the Sony PlayStation. Sony has revealed several line-up games coming out in the fall of 2020.  The announcement was made on SONY’s Livestream coverage.  It was presented with developer commentaries on game titles and advantages of the new PlayStation 5 hardware.


A few reveals over the weekend:

  • Racket & Clank: Rift Away
  • Gran Turismo 7
  • Horizon Forbidden West
  • Hitman 3
  • Stray
  • Grand Theft Auto 5

Just to name a few.

The console so far does look promising.  I’m happy so many Sony fans are as excited as me to see the new console in the fall.

Overall Thoughts:

I enjoy trailer cinematic action of Racket & Clank’s fast-paced format, a rush that blew me away. Even more exciting than R&C’s Going Commando, if possible. Second, Gran Turismo 7, a Sony title I dearly enjoyed back in my teen years. The realism of GT4 pulled me into a driving game before Forza Motorsport.  A title I’d consider starting the 9th Gen-Console, with a BANG!

Favorite PS5 Titles: Stray, HANDS DOWN!

Now it leaves everyone speculating what prices we can expect for the PS5 and PS5 Digital Edition.

I am just suspicious, hmm?

Alien-like hardware gives a more modern look with today’s new Next-Gen Gaming of the 2020s. The slick-rounded body console is the look gamers are in awe of with:

  • vertical shape
  • terrestrial stand
  • add-in blue backlit aesthetics

Sony’s gains major street cred with its vertical, round-body design that wowed my sense of esthetics.

AMD-CPU architecture confirmed from many hardware sources. The hardware features:

  • custom AMD GPU capable of ray tracing
  • Support for 4k resolution displays with high frame rates.
  • New audio hardware for real-time 3D audio effects
  • backward compatibly supporting PS4 titles and VR
  • No original PlayStation backward support

Final Thoughts:

Enjoy it! I cried throughout the game reveals.

My idea is to wait it out. Many generations will start out great, then by the fall of 2021, I expect to see a price reduction. No urgency to jump the gun for the latest and greatest. That can be unnecessarily costly.

So don’t rush for the latest console.  A sale price will come for the console, it’s a good time buy then.


Reducing Cyber Junk Mail With Ease

Mouse clicks through spam folder

It’s the time of year, You know what this means? That’s right!  and start deleting emails that I don’t need anymore plus the mail that I keep in my inbox for about almost two years, I know what you might be thinking now…why would you keep all that mail for so long, would you have deleted the emails by now even if you have to?  Then again of course I would,  I’m not going to keep emails that long in my inbox if only there was something that I read I like for so long, that I would like to keep it?

Yes, I would,  I even know people that would keep it for a long time.  I read this article back two months back in Feb that there was this person that read the emails but would never throw it out and she kept about 18,000 emails in her inbox and imports it out of her inbox and saves it in a flash drive.  When I read that the first time in The Miami Herald I was like wow…I don’t know how people would keep it…unless they need to import to another email address that they want to switch over to a new account.  For all for the sake of our emails…go and clean it up! It’s spring, it’s also time to clean the garage that’s in your inbox or your account for the matter that needs it to allot, plus you can be very organized in what you do daily.

The other thing you can do is when your ready to clean up make sure that you’re able to set a day when you can do it,  even you have so many things going on your mind, do make sure that you don’t have anything in the way.  plus it helps when being organizes so you don’t have to clutter everywhere around you when working whenever it’s home, school, business, or whatever goes on! make sure you do it.

Secondly,  You may have so many going on,  but what’s more important is to manage both your Real Life and your Online life that goes on,  Since sometimes for me I have to deal with both worlds which in fact is not easy for me to do and most of the time…I have to do it because it falls in my interests, many of my interest that involves with music, videos, gaming and blogging.  So whatever you like that in your interest, it’s good to do so.

Crap happens to be around all the time so it always good to clean your stuff and it not a bad thing, Its not a spring thing but it’s also a weekly thing that you need to do as well when you have time.  Sometimes I need it when I start to throw clothes around the room which is not good for me to do anyways but I do it still, for that I need to stop it and hang it up which isn’t so hard at all,  anyone can do it.  For all, you tech guys out there electronics can be messy and you got wires everywhere and WHAT DO YOU?! good question,  kept it in a drawer or in a box which what I do so you can too!  That’s no excuse not to do it!

Top Things Why I Choose Brave Why I Like It Over Its Competitors.

As someone myself that have used Brave Browser from the start.

What are my reason why I chose Brave over other browser like Chrome because of one thing, FREEDOM!  I chose to keep my data safe and secure from corporate browsers like Google’s Chrome that continue mine everyone’s browsing activity.  plus the other hand it takes a lot of desktop resources.  Even if your using the Chrome or not.  Here’s my top reason why you should consider switching over to Brave.

  1. Brave is fast and takes less desktop resources over Chrome and Firefox.
  2. Its free and open source for everyone to use.
  3. Third, you earn BAT (Basic Attention Token) to drive revenue as a content creator.  Its a big deal since Brave Software giving adversing options to creators.  Even if you’re not a content creator the micropayment will further increase with maximum use over time.
  4. Blocks out ads and trackers and makes thing easy for desktop or mobile users confidently secure.
Brave Rewards Image
Earn more for content you publish to the web

Brave’s revenue-sharing program is available for everyone sign up.  If you are a YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, Blogger or whatever content do its very easy to join.



May’s download numbers was reported from Forbes reached up to 13.5 million downloads.  From a recent Episode Joe Rogan Experience #1484 with guest Reggie Watts when the two mentioned Brave, the download numbers soared to 15.6 millions download in the month June alone according to Forbes.

One of the small or if not a minor issue is syncing BAT rewards through Brave’s Mobile App I was struggling on it at first,  however there’s not a way to do it once Brave Software gets an update for IOS and Android.

Lastly adding, Brave Browser mobile app does have issues when playing video inside the browser itself through some websites.

Bottom Line: Give Brave a try!  Tell you you what! You have nothing to lose If you do not like it within thirty days there’s no foul at all.  If you think its worth your switch, be sure to export bookmarks first from whatever current browser your using now then import it to Brave.

Open the link right here.   I hope you enjoy using the browser like I am right now.  Leave a comment down bellow if if you need any help on Brave or any questions at all.