Amazon AWS Shuts Social Media Platform Parler

Saturday Morning Amazon pulls the plug off Parler

Parler’s CEO John Matze said the site “will likely be down longer than expected,” adding that “most people with enough servers to host us have shut their doors to us.” Apple suspended the Parler app from the App Store on Saturday, following Google who removed it from the Google Play Store on Friday.
Parler goes offline following suspensions by Amazon, Apple, and Google
The site went offline shortly after midnight, Pacific Time, in the early hours of January 11.
From an interview with Fox Business this Monday, CEO John Matze said
I’ll have come up with brand new servers our wise Parler will be out of business.
Parler was the 1# App on Apple’s IOS Store and Google Play Store, Which receives so many great reviews, Parler, a Social Media competitor to Twitter and Facebook.  Which a platform that advocates free speech on their platform.  Apple’s discussion to take off the platform was the fact that after the DC Riot event happened after Jan 6th.  Following Google’s removal of the Play Store.
Source from the Verge this week.
Amazon told Parler of its decision late Saturday, in a letter to chief policy officer Amy Peikoff. Its Amazon Web Service (AWS) “cannot provide services to a customer that is unable to effectively identify and remove content that encourages or incites violence against others,” the letter to Peikoff states, adding that Parler “poses a very real risk to public safety.”
Which, I myself that registered to Parler.  I can confirm any of the members on Parler did not organize the DC rally.   Nor it show a threat to public safety whatsoever!  There was no evidence on the platform that encouraged violent attempts.

What this week shows that Big Tech giants do not like competition

Nor the freedom of ideas.  Amazon, Apple, and Google.  Honestly!, censorship does work somehow this comes to shows hosting your platform on Amazon’s AWS is not safe for small businesses.  Which discourages anyone that wants to start their platforms from the ground up.  Have your site hosted on Amazon is a clear sign not to use AWS!  You can host your platform yourself off your own host. Which I recommend small business to do it!

Beginners Guide to Uber Eats 2021, How to get started! Part 1

Beginner’s Guide to Uber Eats 2021-How to get started!

Now that we’re into the year 2021, many people continue to stay at home due to the ongoing Pandemic. Many side hustles like Uber or Lyft passenger ride pickup services are not doing so well these days.  However, that’s now changing with many people working 9-5 shifts from home due to the Pandemic and looking for alternatives to cooking at home, as well.  Trying out an Uber Eats delivery gig is a good opportunity for drivers to earn extra money on a very flexible schedule delivering food to consumers.  Uber Eats offers lots of opportunities, and here I’ll go over some of the Pros and Cons you should know about as a  beginner. Welcome to the Beginners Guide to Uber Eats 2021, let’s get started!

Why try Uber Eats?

I’ve tried Uber Eats. It’s great to try something different even if you’re not interested in Uber Eats as a full-time position. As a part-timer, you’re working on your own, you can set your own hours and choose when you want to start end end your day.  Some people who have gotten into this Gig economy have reported earnings of up to $8,000 in one month, for those who are disciplined and open to working extra hard to make the lofty income goals happen.  For example, one YouTuber Sabbi Lyon tells a remarkable story of how he hit over an $8,000 dollar earnings mark in one month!  That’s awesome for anyone to make that kind of money doing gig work in a single month.  Sabbi’s video explains his strategy of how he carefully planned his rides, stuck to a consistent schedule and ultimately exceeded his 8k monthly goal through hard work and dedication.  Although my approach varies somewhat from Sabbi’s, his video taught me lots about ways to earn more each day by fine-tuning my own Uber Eats delivery strategy.

Location, Location, Location!

One of the things to consider when you are driving is where most participating restaurants are located. Then position yourself near them to start your day. Your best money days will happen if you can stay near these popular restaurants.

More and more restaurants are adding Uber Eats to their delivery options. The best places for increasing Uber Eats earnings are:

  • Near commerical retail & shopping areas
  • Any area with a busy marketplace plaza
The map of the South Metro Atlanta area

Both are great strategic areas to locate nearby so that you can possibly earn more revenue.  I am someone who lives 32 miles out in the Metro Atlanta area, so I prefer not to drive to the epicenter of a city like Atlanta.  While you can earn a lot working in these more densely populated downtown areas of big cities, and some premium pay can be an incentive there, it’s not always preferable.  A 30-mile each way commute to a city epicenter, as in my case, may not always be most cost-effective just to do food deliveries.

Tons of Suburban knights are ordering every single day.  What I like is how this modern-day type of food delivery service has become so very popular.  Record numbers of people are ordering in residential that simply do not want to leave the comfort of home and love the convenience factor.  It’s perfectly OK to aim for an area that’s close to home.  A few times I’ve had made food deliveries from noman’s land, for example, Logan’s Roadhouse is a steakhouse.  I’ve made two deliveries from here to the other side of McDonough, GA. (McDonough is very wide city, some of your trips will end you in the middle of nowhere lands, BECAREFUL!).

The Con: long-distance food deliveries will burn gas easily, especially the less fuel-efficient your vehicle is. That’s one disadvantage of doing rural food delivery runs involving greater distances.

Earnings Activity 

Uber Eats conveniently shows real-time earnings straight off of the app and helps you keep track of everything. Very user-friendly and informative.

After your done day communting, Uber-Eats Earnings Activity will work have everything calculated.  Your base trips and trips received from consumers.  before you download your excel CSV file off Uber Driver Dashboard.  I would wait till an hour later for all the data to compile.

Uber Driver App – Inside Earning Activities of the day.

All your data can be looked at via Desktop or, by Uber Driver App on IOS and Android.  I prefer downloading CSV file desktop which works out great myself.  You can find out all the miles and gas cost at the end of your day.


Uber Eats is fun and you turn this into Full Time work as long you work hard.  I enjoyed it a lot, More on Uber Eats will be coming along the way. Love to hear your stories and, along with your experiences.

End of Part 1