244th Annual Celebration Marks the Birth of a Nation, How the United States has lost Its ways

Yesterday was the 4th of July, the 244th birthday of our Founding Nation,  or whatever anyone calls it.  How I call it its the United States birthdate of our Founding Republic.

What it is to be an American?

That’s the questions I’ve always been asking myself.  Being an American is one of the things you can’t never brush that away.  Somehow, I am told-a-tell, That being an American Is like a badge of honor or, a national birth mark given to me by God from the time I was born.  The time I was young, Its told from the beginning, Be grateful you were born in the land of opportunity, that you couldn’t get from any other country.  One of the first thoughts in mind is being a free person in a free country.

Are we really free?1

Right  after 18th Century America has made tremendous process after the  20th Century and this was a golden age period what America has turned nothing into something from Industrial age of the earliest 20th Century. The poster boy model of free market capitalism. We were builders that create industries and was able to produce products that benefit  the lives of everyone else’s!  The thing we’re never free from is Government and taxation.

Where went  wrong towards 21st Century U.S America?

Setting the base of our current modern-day U.S politics gone fore with electing puppet officials decided to set the tone what our country suppose to be.  Starting from the Bush years, The country has changed a lot from the basis our founding republic.

The Founding Fathers sought out the creation of USA, The Founders, knew well enough a pure democracy will never work, they studied in on Roman Empire failures, so they knew

Writing here with mixed emotions of the 4th of July.

I’m disappointed  the nation moving towards socialism,  scariest thing that many millennials will never know the true nature what socialism do, examples of socialist failed experiments; in China, USSR, North Korea, Venezuela Nazi Germany and, Cuba.  I hope many people will wake up to this nonsense,  If its the direction we are heading, count me out!


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