244th Annual Celebration Marks the Birth of a Nation, How the United States has lost Its ways

Yesterday was the 4th of July, the 244th birthday of our Founding Nation,  or whatever anyone calls it.  How I call it its the United States birthdate of our Founding Republic.

What it is to be an American?

That’s the questions I’ve always been asking myself.  Being an American is one of the things you can’t never brush that away.  Somehow, I am told-a-tell, That being an American Is like a badge of honor or, a national birth mark given to me by God from the time I was born.  The time I was young, Its told from the beginning, Be grateful you were born in the land of opportunity, that you couldn’t get from any other country.  One of the first thoughts in mind is being a free person in a free country.

Are we really free?1

Right  after 18th Century America has made tremendous process after the  20th Century and this was a golden age period what America has turned nothing into something from Industrial age of the earliest 20th Century. The poster boy model of free market capitalism. We were builders that create industries and was able to produce products that benefit  the lives of everyone else’s!  The thing we’re never free from is Government and taxation.

Where went  wrong towards 21st Century U.S America?

Setting the base of our current modern-day U.S politics gone fore with electing puppet officials decided to set the tone what our country suppose to be.  Starting from the Bush years, The country has changed a lot from the basis our founding republic.

The Founding Fathers sought out the creation of USA, The Founders, knew well enough a pure democracy will never work, they studied in on Roman Empire failures, so they knew

Writing here with mixed emotions of the 4th of July.

I’m disappointed  the nation moving towards socialism,  scariest thing that many millennials will never know the true nature what socialism do, examples of socialist failed experiments; in China, USSR, North Korea, Venezuela Nazi Germany and, Cuba.  I hope many people will wake up to this nonsense,  If its the direction we are heading, count me out!


The Death of Retail …. The Take Over of E-Commerce

For many years now,  I’ve have seen retail everywhere now plummeting on new time lows.

I go out and see so many people out shopping in small town centers around my area.  So far its amazing I go out I still see people going on shopping.  The number one question how long are we going to see more retailers surviving with Post-Covid situation,  Easy answer, No surviving through it this time.

Pier1 Imports Closing
Going Out of Business Sign Outside Pier 1 Imports in McDonough, GA

Over this week, I was riding over to a local Home Depot shopping before it closed that evening.  I wasn’t able to purchase my items on time, when I was leaving the Town Center, I notice the a big yellow “Going Out of Business” Sign outside of P1I.   Weird to say it,  I haven’t visited that store since my late-teens thereafter year outta High School.

Which brings me back memories working in the retail space,  I can’t say I’ll ever miss working again over with retail.  I knew at some point the tech sector will take over the retail space.  The question came in mind was the how’s and when’s that was about happen?

Here we have E-Commerce!

Since of January of 2010,  I was working during Obama’s Recession things were pretty slow looking for work, it was not easy looking work.  Graduated out of high school months after recession started toward the end of Bush’s Term.  The Recession hurt hard with many of the working class living, many people unemployed,  I will stay it was rough at first job searching my first year.  I was able to find something.  To help me out financially in my younger years.

Over a decade steady growth economically,  The retail during the Post-COVID will be upmost challenge with increasing staggation for retailers nationwide.  COVID will proves E-Commerce will take over things the way it is.  Very recent I’ve purchase computer through Newegg.

Before 2010 I had made few purchases on Amazon before retail,  honest I’ve been more happy to save time purchasing online then go out of my way  through a store you enter-in, wait in line, then waste gas driving back home for your purchase goods,  tedious!.  Now didn’t that mean I never like going out?No!.  I enjoy spending time outside my house getting to see items and neat product displayed on  store shelves.  When it comes to the busiest times of year such as  Black Friday or, 4th of July.  there’s when I didn’t find fun waiting 15 minutes in a long clothing store,   …..Those are the days I do not miss one bit.  I will say it can be fun to walk into big malls , finding all the fine selection of goodies.

The Hard Truth

If we all have to honest the Death of retail is already in place,  many people will not able to feel the effects of  downward spiral ready crashing on stores,  The money isn’t what it use to be,  Right now the futures bright right now Online Shopping.  PC Shopping for newPC Built was easy purchasing through Newegg, with help through an online community, total parts I have gathered up for example now I have, MSI Graphic Card, G-Skill RipJaws DDR4, Internal SSD, Power Supply, and to name a few.  I am waiting on four CPU Cooling fans & MSI motherboard, which is arriving statewide around the corner.  The Hard Truth of our economic situation,  a V-Shape recovery isn’t going to happen likely,  I’ll say many should get savvy on the trends on digital e-commerce & selling, this is where we’re heading.

Like it or not, E-Commerce is a clear winner.  You can pretty much get anything on online. Almost anything, Really!

Reducing Cyber Junk Mail With Ease

Mouse clicks through spam folder

It’s the time of year, You know what this means? That’s right!  and start deleting emails that I don’t need anymore plus the mail that I keep in my inbox for about almost two years, I know what you might be thinking now…why would you keep all that mail for so long, would you have deleted the emails by now even if you have to?  Then again of course I would,  I’m not going to keep emails that long in my inbox if only there was something that I read I like for so long, that I would like to keep it?

Yes, I would,  I even know people that would keep it for a long time.  I read this article back two months back in Feb that there was this person that read the emails but would never throw it out and she kept about 18,000 emails in her inbox and imports it out of her inbox and saves it in a flash drive.  When I read that the first time in The Miami Herald I was like wow…I don’t know how people would keep it…unless they need to import to another email address that they want to switch over to a new account.  For all for the sake of our emails…go and clean it up! It’s spring, it’s also time to clean the garage that’s in your inbox or your account for the matter that needs it to allot, plus you can be very organized in what you do daily.

The other thing you can do is when your ready to clean up make sure that you’re able to set a day when you can do it,  even you have so many things going on your mind, do make sure that you don’t have anything in the way.  plus it helps when being organizes so you don’t have to clutter everywhere around you when working whenever it’s home, school, business, or whatever goes on! make sure you do it.

Secondly,  You may have so many going on,  but what’s more important is to manage both your Real Life and your Online life that goes on,  Since sometimes for me I have to deal with both worlds which in fact is not easy for me to do and most of the time…I have to do it because it falls in my interests, many of my interest that involves with music, videos, gaming and blogging.  So whatever you like that in your interest, it’s good to do so.

Crap happens to be around all the time so it always good to clean your stuff and it not a bad thing, Its not a spring thing but it’s also a weekly thing that you need to do as well when you have time.  Sometimes I need it when I start to throw clothes around the room which is not good for me to do anyways but I do it still, for that I need to stop it and hang it up which isn’t so hard at all,  anyone can do it.  For all, you tech guys out there electronics can be messy and you got wires everywhere and WHAT DO YOU?! good question,  kept it in a drawer or in a box which what I do so you can too!  That’s no excuse not to do it!