I am a Humble Bundle Partner!

It’s Official!!!

I am a Humble Partner!  I just signed up for the partnership last week.  Since I was curious about how the partnership worked, I decided to check it out. And since I like to support charities and do volunteer work from time to time, I felt this was something I’d definitely like to do.
How the partnership works is that anytime anyone uses the referral code link to purchase a game, comic or books the purchases are split three ways. The money goes to:
2) the Humble Partner
3) the charity chosen by the Humble Partner
I do get a percentage when anyone uses the link, which is greatly appreciated. But even more importantly, your purchase and support directly benefits Child’s Play Charity and all the wonderful work they are doing. For those who aren’t familiar with Child’s Play Charity, it benefits over 140 hospitals and shelters around the world.
I hope you get in on some of the super deals that are happening every week on Humble Bundle. Any amount you spend on games, comics or books there is fine – at the very least there’s PLENTY of fun browsing to be had! 🙂
You can catch me on TwitchMixer and Smashcast – I stream games there a lot! In fact, I can’t wait to see you there next time I stream live so I can demo some of the awesome games I have purchased at Humble Bundle. And if you like the live stream, while you’re there feel free to subscribe – I earn a percentage from subscriptions, too.
Humble Bundle and I thank you!