The Future of PC’s: How is it with today’s Technology?

With platforms that’s coming making things really easy like new devices like net books and tablet making it easier to take around with them, people nowadays want comfort over quality with devices hitting the market really in the market these days, they don’t need to tweak or mess over with the motherboard, sound card, video card and etc on goes in a computer. 
I know they’re some people that are making custom made computers It does require some technical understanding which isn’t a big deal since you can learn that off the internet anyways, which it takes a while I know you learn it very quick, you got to put the time and effort to learn.   I done it before with my last computer, since I been looking a lot of step-by-step instructions.  
You don’t have to necessarily pay for classes to have someone to teach you basic anatomy when you got the internet help you out, But does that mean you don’t need to pay for classes?…It helps If you have the funds to pay any technical college.  But all this right there is nothing but elementary,  I think a fifth grader can do this anyway if he/she wanted to.  The only question is if he/she has the money for parts and the requirements build one?!  Projects like these are costly and you’re going to need a lot of money for
  • Tower Case
  • Video Card
  • Disk Drive
  • Mother card (AMD or Intel)
  • a fan or liquid cooling (Optional)
  • RAM
  • Power Supply 
  • And a Operating System of your choice (Windows or Linux…Don’t know about Mac OS’s for sure)

I might be missing something in the list?  I feel did missed something, but I have to look back.  But you’ll get the  idea. All you need to do the is your research on your own.  Building own custom made computer maybe easy some but word of warning the parts will cause you around $600-$2,100 or little bit higher than depending on the cost of the parts. 

Back on the subject with PC’s I think your going to get some people buying a new PC’s,  I don’t know if a lot of people are going to purchase one with how the economy is today.  People do want to get out with something that they can enjoy with the palm of there hands instead of being home all day in front of the computer,  You got a lot handheld device which most of them provides WI-FI like IOS, Android tablets and smartphones.
  So it really comes down to your technical needs  What do you prefer? that is the question.  

First Look Ultra books

Acer Timeline Ultra M5

It was a surprise one of those things that haven’t had my eye on Ultra-books till now.  It is very similar to Apple’s Mac-book Air design, talked on since Feb issue on Maximum PC magazine.  I like the fact that it’ll weigh lighter to carry around than your regular notebooks.  I was looking at the prices but dam it’s still expensive, most tech companies are just starting out doing Ultra-books. 

Reason I can see Notebook manufacturers making this move because of the tablets are now at this point to succeed, it’s affordable most laptops from what you seen in the market, PC manufacturers are now stepping up and doing something a little different.

Features:  One thing for sure is USB 3.0 are now is heading to PC’s but it’s going to head out to the laptop market.  I do see this happening quick within a three month period time.  Windows 8 is going to be a killing believe it or not it may happen, Since now I don’t know much about the new software is going to look like I did heard from other sources is that it’ll look almost like Windows Mobile User Interface, and have  interconnections between phone and PC, for that, I find it to become interesting.

Downside: if anyone in 2012 uses CD’s, sorry, No CD/DVD drives! your going to need an external DVD/CD drive to run disc.  Call me crazy I still use CD drives in 2012. Bottom line does anyone needs a ultra-book right now? The answer is no unless if you have the money to drop down and need a laptop to some degree, As for myself I’ll pass! No sense dropping money for a Ultra-book, price is way to steep. if you need a bigger screen a 13 – 15 inch will work,  the affordable netbooks I see many purchasing out there will be price friendly.

Do I think it’s a tablet killer?

No!, Not anytime soon.