Zachary Denman’s Dystopian Sci-Fi Series

First, it seems like Fiction until you watch this!

Last week I enjoyed viewing the Dystopian Sci-Fi short film series directed by Zachary Denman. He’s a filmmaker living in London who produces music videos, promo videos and documentaries. One of his latest, highly recommended videos released in August is Masked Agenda | Dystopian Sci-Fi Short Film

This film first came to my attention in YouTube’s recommendation feed. Surprise, surprise!  I love science-fiction.  When you watch the Dystopian Short film Series,  you’ll discover that it is not fiction!  This is a glimpse of today’s reality, and what we are experiencing today could not be more surreal.

Zachary Denman’s Dystopian film brings to viewers the dark narration of what has happened in modern society.

Even for George Orwell, it would have been a far stretch to predict current events and where we now find ourselves as a species. In fact, he’s likely rolling in his grave seeing how devolved we’ve become and comparing the shape of our modern world to dark ages of long ago.

Zachary Denman’s Dystopian Releases

Can’t wait for what’s coming down the road for Zachary Denman’s directorial career.

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