GOP’s Rollback on Title II

There’s still time to speak out for Net Neutrality, prevent it from being repealed on Dec 14th.

I mentioned earlier this year about my support for keeping net neutrality. And how the potential repeal of Title II, if we allow it to happen, would put us back in the stone ages.

My stance hasn’t changed at all about Title II.  I stand firmly behind what I said about it earlier this year.  I can’t stress enough about how this will negatively affect everyone that uses the Internet, if repealed.  In the most irrational of decisions possible, a full-court press toward repeal has been put into play because of Trump’s across-the-board vendetta against everything Obama.  There is a senseless dismantling war being waged  by Donald Trump of anything that the previous Obama administration had enacted.  Keep in mind, Obama himself never placed Title II into law.

It was under the directives of former FCC Chairman, Tom Wheeler.  That the Title II initiative gained traction to be what it is.Trump says “Net Neutrality is a big scam for government regulation of the Internet!”  The reality is that Trump himself doesn’t know what’s behind Title II and the protections that it provides for consumers to shield them from ISP’s fuckery. That’s my problem with Trump’s new FCC pick, Ajit Pai. Mr. Pai  announced that he wants to get rid of net neutrality for good.

There have been documented instances where shady ISP’s have implemented self-serving practices like throttling internet speeds.

I’ve mentioned throttling before, and I plan to write more about this in my next blog.  It’s important to have some background on Title II and why repeal of it is so catastrophic to free and creative internet use in the future. It’s so important to stand up against repeal of Title II and keep it intact.

I know some out there are Pro-Net Neutrality and some are Anti-Net Neutrality. I feel that the benefits of Pro-NN far outweigh those of the Anti-NN camp.  Title II addresses ISPs as public utilities, and it serves to protect consumers from those ISPs with bad practices such as traffic privatization, as has happened in the past.  For the Anti-NN folks, I  encourage you to look up why we have Title II.

Although those against net neutrality argue that as things stand, consumers are disadvantaged and that the status quo is burdensome for the free market of ideas, I think the opposite is true. To repeal Title II would have a profoundly negative impact on consumers and greatly scale down a free market internet in which ideas can flourish.
Ideas have flourished quite well under the current umbrella of net neutrality to date.

Let’s do our part to resist constraints to the freedoms we currently enjoy. The threat to repeal Title II is imminent, but your voice against repeal is more important now than ever before.

Please, join me in support of Net Neutrality!

Here’s a super quick and effective way to support net neutrality!!

1. On a computer, (not your phone!), go to:
2. Enter (under “Proceeding”) the numbers 17-108.
3. In comments, say you support Title 2 oversight of ISPs.  Say that you support net neutrality.
*Fill in the form carefully; they’ve made it less friendly and impossible to fill in by phone, on purpose. I.e Make sure you hit enter after entering your name.

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