Mega Upload Shut down!

I was hearing this from a friend of mine that Mega Upload the site I liked very much was shutdown from the U.S Government.  The F.B.I shut it down for one reason is that it was costing the entertainment industry close to one billion dollars from The Feed from Attack of the Show source.  It’s been stated that it was shutdown without no trail by law and it has received allot of complains from users of mega upload.  The question that I’m thinking the same from journalist…Why have they shut a website if its not owned by the U.S, The F.B.I and the feuds had to go through arresting Mega Upload Founder Kim Dotcom was criminally charged by online privacy, now through this now, He’s going to getting departed back in Germany.

This is the list of the charges he’s been convicted of:

Potential legal concerns suggested:
  • The indictment cites lack of a site search as evidence supporting criminality. However in other copyright cases having a site search is suggested as supporting criminality and in Atari v. RapidSharenot having a site search was agreed by the court as evidence of responsible activity given that some infringing content might exist and be searched for if one existed.[44] In the case of Isohunt, thepresence of a search feature was interpreted as evidence of inducement.[45] TechDirt described this as “court guidance”, adding: “To use the lack of a feature, that previously was shown to be a problem, as evidence of a conspiracy is crazy. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”[45]
  • The “top 100” list excluded copyrighted titles. The indictment claims this was evidence of concealing, rather than avoiding downloads of, infringing materials.[44][45]
  • Streamed video could not be watched for over 72 minutes without pay. The indictment claims this was intended to monetarise, not discourage, infringing movies (which are usually longer).[44]
  • The indictment asserts as evidence that no effort was made to identify infringing files or users, in other words by acts of omission. But federal court rulings repeatedly agree that no duty exists to search these out.[44]
  • In MGM Studios, Inc. v. Grokster, Ltd. the Supreme Court looked at “substantial noninfringing uses”. A finding of inducement to infringe in that case was based on wider evidence of intent. Mere lack of monitoring was not by itself sufficient to show wrongdoing or inducement.[44]
  • Deletion after a limited period of non-download is suggested as evidence of a motive. But file sharing can include large files shared during a short-term legitimate event, and many legitimate sites such as Imgur remove unused content after a while to free up server space. If files were routinely deleted after a short period it could equally suggest legitimate use – because it serves users who share legitimately for a short while, and enforces removal afterwards.[45]
  • Much of the indictment, in the words of one analysis, “seems to be based on the simple assumption that encouraging more usage means they must be encouraging infringement”, and that there should be evidence of actual wrongdoing, not merely evidence of popular use. Many legitimate files are popular and popularly shared, and an implicit assumption that paid use largely equates to infringing use would need evidence. [45]
  • Failure to remove all links following a takedown request is often legitimate. For example the same content may be uploaded by legitimate and illigitimate users. Removing the infringing link does not affect legitimate uploaders. Removing the infringing file would wrongfully cause it to be deleted for legitimate users too.[45]
  • Similarly, once child pornography is identified, it is always illegal for all users. But other material may not be. So the fact one had the file removed and the other had links removed may simply be correct conduct.[45]
  • While infringing activity may be occurring, it may not be possible (or reasonable to require) the host to know and identify what activity is legitimate or not. File sharing may be used by many content creators.[45]
  • Emails show infringing activity took place. But it takes place on other sites such as Youtube.[45]
  • The indictment includes money laundering charges. But these include “basic payments” for web hosting, suggesting “lumping in” – adding matters that are in no way illegal to make a case look bad.[45]
  • Megaupload had indicated willingness to attend court in the U.S. already, and answer any civil cases.
Since that happened the online activist hacking group Anonymous got pissed and hacked the U.S Department of Justice and crashed their servers, The servers was offline for merely 70 minutes it happen the day after SOPA was dropped by the house, it’s only took the group hours after the site was shutdown, it’s been said that it was one of the biggest online attacks in history.  I couldn’t believe when I was reading it in a column in The Herald.  It easy for me to say that if it wasn’t on trail by law or anything it couldn’t be stop.  I know I been to the site couple of times in the past but I don’t feel guilty that watched a movie from their site one time or another.   I liked however that the servers was pretty fast.  I like it,  but If your posting something that the artist or movies directors is not getting paid for posting material without permission then this case,  It’s consider crime, I know not allot of people are not willing to pay full price for media,  for anyone that you your doing right without permission is still a crime,  If you steal then there’s a price to pay for your actions.   

First Look Ultra books

Acer Timeline Ultra M5

It was a surprise one of those things that haven’t had my eye on Ultra-books till now.  It is very similar to Apple’s Mac-book Air design, talked on since Feb issue on Maximum PC magazine.  I like the fact that it’ll weigh lighter to carry around than your regular notebooks.  I was looking at the prices but dam it’s still expensive, most tech companies are just starting out doing Ultra-books. 

Reason I can see Notebook manufacturers making this move because of the tablets are now at this point to succeed, it’s affordable most laptops from what you seen in the market, PC manufacturers are now stepping up and doing something a little different.

Features:  One thing for sure is USB 3.0 are now is heading to PC’s but it’s going to head out to the laptop market.  I do see this happening quick within a three month period time.  Windows 8 is going to be a killing believe it or not it may happen, Since now I don’t know much about the new software is going to look like I did heard from other sources is that it’ll look almost like Windows Mobile User Interface, and have  interconnections between phone and PC, for that, I find it to become interesting.

Downside: if anyone in 2012 uses CD’s, sorry, No CD/DVD drives! your going to need an external DVD/CD drive to run disc.  Call me crazy I still use CD drives in 2012. Bottom line does anyone needs a ultra-book right now? The answer is no unless if you have the money to drop down and need a laptop to some degree, As for myself I’ll pass! No sense dropping money for a Ultra-book, price is way to steep. if you need a bigger screen a 13 – 15 inch will work,  the affordable netbooks I see many purchasing out there will be price friendly.

Do I think it’s a tablet killer?

No!, Not anytime soon.

War Horse

Last week I went to War Horse with a friend of mine, but I have to say it was great and very cinematic from Director from Jaws, E.T, Super 8 many others comes War Horse.

I enjoyed watching allot I have to say it was very emotional and sad to watch at the same time.  I know I don’t know at the same time felt when I was watching it…it felt very long, for some reason I was thinking of Peter Jackson’s King Kong.

War Horse the movie so epic, it has to belong! lol If your anyone that feels like watching a War movie that has something to do about horses then this movie is for you! For that I recommend to some since there are parts that you feel it’s a little too much horse violence while watching this flick, you’ll find out that this is a World War I taking place around the beginning of the 1900s.

England going to war against Germany since you know that the Germans likes to cause trouble,  I glad that this is not a WWII film,  because after all, it’s like seeing the same film over and over again, but again this is not it’s a WWI movie since I don’t see a lot of movie lot these nowadays.


First Dream Theater Concert Atlanta Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA Oct 19th 2011

Wednesday Night I went to see Dream Theater and with great guest band starring Trivium.

Dream Theater is one of the loudest I’ve listened to, they have played many of the songs I liked on the new setlist that evening,   I was there to see Dream Theater mostly over Trivium I wasn’t a fan of Trivium when I and my friend, Ben arrived late to Atlanta Tabernacle,  that’s when Trivium played. I didn’t know what the hell what songs the Trivium was playing nor I didn’t care all about Trivium when I entered the Tabernacle Theater.

The song started out with Tibial Monk hymns somehow I’m thinking “What is that sound coming from?” that got me to startle,. The effects were coming out off keyboard samples that Jordan Rudess (keyboardist) used for the song, Bridges In The Sky.

Matt Heafy vocalist & guitarist from Trivium opened up for Dream Theater that evening.

Throughout the show, Dream Theater played most of their new song ADTOE setlist on tour and some of the old songs. liked Ytse Jam (instrumental) and Forsaken.

The best part of the entire evening,…. The Drum Solo!, coming from the new drummer, Mike Mangini, he was phenomenal with his playing.

Mike Mangini
Mike Mangini on Drums

Mike Mangini is just incredible!  No disrespect to Mike Portney I like them both.  The two are amazing drummers, somehow Mangini fits the band image well throughout the evening.  It kept me BLOWN and impressed with how Mangini played.

I know everyone was there in tabernacle, Jame LaBrie still has an amazing voice and of course, can’t forget John Myung and John Petrucci were all great and still rocking out today!  

This was my first Dream Theater cencert but not my last.  Thanks for reading!

Dream Theater band members, Mike Mangini, John Petrucci, James Labrie, Jordan Rudess, and John Myung.

Live Review & Picture Book: Dream Theater, Trivium at The Tabernacle, October 19

R.I.P Steve Jobs :((

Found out yesterday six hours ago, Steve Jobs just died from pancreatic cancer.

I wasn’t expecting this at all, Just when my Brother was telling me that Steve Job just died when my Brother found out somewhere on Facebook.  My heart sink

 Very unexpected passing I don’t know if this was going to happen at a young age of 56 for such a young man.  A tragic lost!, I know I’m a little behind, I’m going to do a bit of writing before heading to sleep.

Felt like going to an Apple Store to purchase a new iPhone 4GS or Mac Book Pro for the Holiday Season, since I can’t afford one.  I’ll do it as a tribute for the man that impacted the computer world as we all know. The way I felt about his death appeared it felt, He knew that he knew that he wasn’t gonna last, finding out back in 2005, he announced over his Stanford Commencement Address that he had cancer he knew more than anyone he wasn’t gonna live long.  I’m glad that I grew up using Apple in my lifetime.

Steve Jobs was one of best things to come out from the 20th through early 21st Century that he has done to envision technology for a new generation.

Thank You Steven Paul Jobs!

Steve Jobs Black and White Photo

Plateau Effect

Today It was a sunny day outside, I don’t know if I wanted to school today, so I decide to stay home and get some things done around the house. So I went to grab food for the cat so she won’t starve to death *laughinng*

Also I went to across town by bike, ever since I ride my across town to see a friend over at Mt. Zion I don’t felt tried it’s strange to myself not getting tried, once I started my trip over there not once I stop for a brake on the side of the road have some water.  By I got over arrived I was like “wow I’m not tried once…it’s just incredible!” My friend wasn’t expecting me to come to his place since we plan on for him to pick me up Saturday.  So I chilled for a bit over at his place, I told my friend that I wasn’t so tried I was riding to his place  and mention that I got so use to it. He said “it must be a Plateau Effect it no wonder you aren’t tried”.  Somehow that word got stuck in my head by the time I went riding home, so I check what is Plateau Effect.

 So I change to my decent clothes to start job searching over at his area.  So the first place I start is Verizon wireless. Sucks that they only do online application only, then I went to Atlanta Bread Company to drop a resume there.  Then afterwords I went to Barnes & Nobles, I felt that I’ll be getting the job.  I going to pray that happens I like the customer service, It’s helpful the guy that’s leaving the message for manager to check on the application for B&N and Starbuck…I forgot to mention that B&N has a cafe.  Good thing I applied to starbucks about two months in advance.  ( I know that starbucks app is going to be in the database for 90 days, so I’m going to see about updating it soon)   Then I went to a couple place like T.G.I Fridays, Carrabba’s, Gamestop, Planet Smootie and AMC to drop my resumes and then called it a day.

I went to back to my friends house and chill again at his place for an hour.  I was heading back home to rest and even I felt push it just so I can look for employment. I don’t know what to expect, what I do need is to ready when the time comes.  I know it not going easy and I want to feel it’s a easy thing to do but truly it’s a tough world now, all we need to survive make it through the days ahead to come.  I know I plan to go to AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta) to the next couple of weeks that what I plan saving my money when the day  comes I like to go there till the end of this month.  I keep updated, I’m still figuring out if we are going or not.

Signing Off!