COVID 19 This is just the beginning

March 28th.

Cases all over the world continue to increase. And things aren’t getting any better. The things we are seeing in our daily lives are changing the way everyone is interacting.

Sunday afternoon usually gets busy. Cars on the roadways and everyone leaving Sunday services. This time it was very different. Eerily so. Less vehicle traffic flowing both directions on the nearby interstate. So different. As though most have caught up with everything – or is it that most have caught someTHING? Our reality is drastically affecting everyone, myself included.

On Sunday afternoon, I reached a point when I realized I had been locked up inside my home for most of the week. I know many are scared to leave their own homes. I understand that. For the sake of my physical and mental health, I decided to go cycling. Just because, despite world events, THIS day, THIS Sunday was just beautiful. I didn’t want the opportunity to go to waste. A chance to bask in some positivity.

The very first thing I noticed when I biked down the road a mile away from home was that the parking lot of the Community Bible Church was empty. On Sunday. When I was riding off the main road, the atmosphere was so calm that it reminded of a scene from a zombie apocalypse movie. Past Sundays were nothing like this, remembering the “good recent past” of pre-COVID-19 events.

I visited my friend’s place about 2.5 miles away from my house, not too far from me. I got to spend time with him and had a great afternoon. What struck me during my time visiting my friend in McDonough was his mention of a surgeon located in Texas, Duc C. Vuong, and the doctor’s recent upload video about the pandemic. I had to check out the video afterwards – “How COVID-19 KILLS”, when I came back home from my visit.

An honest, professional, to-the-point explanation of how tens – no HUNDREDS – of thousands of Americans are going to die as a result of this virus.

The doctor gives specific physical, biological, anatomical details. And even more frightening, how our government’s inability to provide proper PPE (personal protective equipment) for medical personnel and ventilator equipment for the suffering masses in coming days and weeks will be THE reason why the most critical cases will die unnecessarily. Here in the USA. Lack of equipment. Massive casualties due to suffocation from lack of ventilators.

Across this entire – richest – nation on Earth.

The death sentence of thousands of innocent people. Americans of ALL ages who could not escape the virus, develop complications that present with the most severe symptoms, and die a horrible death, often alone. Warehoused among countless others suffering the same fate in grossly over-capacity, multi-million dollar medical facilities. Or maybe a makeshift medical tent.

Dying of suffocation due to lack of medical equipment.

Let’s think about that.

What a tragic eye-opener!