The 2021 American Technocracy, The Stage is Set!

The year American Technocracy 2021 will be a very different time.

The technological ruling class will set the stage for our American Technocracy

Now, I am writing this blog after Christmas Day, the Year 2020 stirred to be the most difficult time with this so-called “pandemic”. The virus isn’t one of the reasons that will be hurting many people. Bureaucracy and Lockdowns will! The stage new global stage of American Technocracy, This Blog I describe why the year 2021 technologies will rule over livelihoods and our health. Over time I expect more restrictions on access to conventions and social gatherings, like concerts, events, and many along the way.

Health ID Pass

The way everyone will have to go through places, every citizen will have to have to download health ID passes for.

  • Going to shopping Malls
  • Concerts, or theaters
  • Need to make a purchase for food.

One of the few examples to name.

At most!  Controlling civilians through tracking from big corporations and governments. While they will say that they are there for your health and not to spread the coronavirus to everyone else. Health ID Pass serves no more excusable to seek out moral and social control. This equals out that all civil liberties for all living in the first world, The current pandemic in itself as a way to infringe rights, Australia’s display of authoritarianism this year shows if you do NOT wear a mask you are fined or arrested by law now. “Depending on your state’s local district and municipality and, how they go about it.”

Social Credit Score

What we have seen in Eastern countries like China’s social crediting model. Many of California’s Big Silicon Technocrats will and push this social credit score in the west.

China’s model has never been the bedrock of freedom. Under the regime. The Chinese citizen has to behave well in order to go from point A to B. Many of these rules and systems in China will never be accepted in the western world. That is never the case anymore. Social Media, large Company’s efforts collaborated with big governments what everyone knows on Snowden’s Revelations on the U.S NSA bulk surveillance.

The Invisible Shackles of America’s Social Credit System.

Sources from the Human Event

This Dystopian, American Technocracy adds-up more truth than fiction, For anyone that hasn’t read George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, This reality is coming fore right to the first world bringing the socialist model that the far-left advocates currently, even if it is coming from the left-wing, The Neo-Conservatives will impose similar measures would turn the U.S into a Technocratic State.  Citizen’s activities will be recorded through each keystroke;  sent over through the state’s local databases will determine what the local state sees as dangerous, or will determine what is lawbreaking to their point of view.  While the freedoms are still here; not for much longer.  Many U.S Politicians have sold out on China’s Interests, instead of putting the American People first! they, those politicians will bring the Chinese model; crushing down the First World upon us.  The Social Crediting System will number scale into human behavior and actions, regulating our morals.

It may not be true now, the moment we are shifting onto any administration, it may not be fiction for long.

Mandatory, Health Checkups

The items may be insane to the average person that can’t shallow this what I’m about to drawdown.

You can find this crazy or as one conspiracy,  Where I can find the lines for Mandatory Health check-up will be something will be mandated through for American travelers,  Not just applying to “Americans” any first-world citizens from the Brits, Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians and so on.  Technically some people with current lockdowns measurement can travel (except Australians), but some can’t travel outside of their home countries.  During the 2020 Pandemic, you had to check with your primary doctor before boarding a flight between 48-72hrs ahead of your flight schedule. INSANITY!

Face it!

The United States of America is no longer a republic by the people, for the people.  Politicians have sold themselves out for good!