Reducing Cyber Junk Mail With Ease

Mouse clicks through spam folder

It’s the time of year, You know what this means? That’s right!  and start deleting emails that I don’t need anymore plus the mail that I keep in my inbox for about almost two years, I know what you might be thinking now…why would you keep all that mail for so long, would you have deleted the emails by now even if you have to?  Then again of course I would,  I’m not going to keep emails that long in my inbox if only there was something that I read I like for so long, that I would like to keep it?

Yes, I would,  I even know people that would keep it for a long time.  I read this article back two months back in Feb that there was this person that read the emails but would never throw it out and she kept about 18,000 emails in her inbox and imports it out of her inbox and saves it in a flash drive.  When I read that the first time in The Miami Herald I was like wow…I don’t know how people would keep it…unless they need to import to another email address that they want to switch over to a new account.  For all for the sake of our emails…go and clean it up! It’s spring, it’s also time to clean the garage that’s in your inbox or your account for the matter that needs it to allot, plus you can be very organized in what you do daily.

The other thing you can do is when your ready to clean up make sure that you’re able to set a day when you can do it,  even you have so many things going on your mind, do make sure that you don’t have anything in the way.  plus it helps when being organizes so you don’t have to clutter everywhere around you when working whenever it’s home, school, business, or whatever goes on! make sure you do it.

Secondly,  You may have so many going on,  but what’s more important is to manage both your Real Life and your Online life that goes on,  Since sometimes for me I have to deal with both worlds which in fact is not easy for me to do and most of the time…I have to do it because it falls in my interests, many of my interest that involves with music, videos, gaming and blogging.  So whatever you like that in your interest, it’s good to do so.

Crap happens to be around all the time so it always good to clean your stuff and it not a bad thing, Its not a spring thing but it’s also a weekly thing that you need to do as well when you have time.  Sometimes I need it when I start to throw clothes around the room which is not good for me to do anyways but I do it still, for that I need to stop it and hang it up which isn’t so hard at all,  anyone can do it.  For all, you tech guys out there electronics can be messy and you got wires everywhere and WHAT DO YOU?! good question,  kept it in a drawer or in a box which what I do so you can too!  That’s no excuse not to do it!