Dream Theater plays with Trivium Atlanta, Georgia

Wednesday Night I went to see Dream Theater and with guest band starring Trivium.

Dream Theater is one of the loudest I’ve listened to, they have played many of the songs I liked on the new setlist that evening,   I was there to see Dream Theater mostly over Trivium I wasn’t a fan of Trivium when I and my friend, Ben arrived late to Atlanta Tabernacle,  that’s when Trivium played. I didn’t know what the hell what songs the Trivium was playing nor I didn’t care all about Trivium when I entered the Tabernacle Theater.

The song started out with Tibial Monk hymns somehow I’m thinking “What is that sound coming from?” that got me to startle,. The effects were coming out off keyboard samples that Jordan Rudess (keyboardist) used for the song, Bridges In The Sky.

Matt Heafy vocalist & guitarist from Trivium opened up for Dream Theater that evening.

Throughout the show, Dream Theater played most of their new song ADTOE setlist on tour and some of the old songs. liked Ytse Jam (instrumental) and Forsaken.

The best part of the entire evening,…. The Drum Solo!, coming from the new drummer, Mike Mangini, he was phenomenal with his playing.

Mike Mangini
Mike Mangini on Drums

Mike Mangini is just incredible!  No disrespect to Mike Portney I like them both.  The two are amazing drummers, somehow Mangini fits the band image well throughout the evening.  It kept me BLOWN and impressed with how Mangini played.

I know everyone was there in tabernacle, Jame LaBrie still has an amazing voice and of course, can’t forget John Myung and John Petrucci were all great and still rocking out today!  

This was my first Dream Theater cencert but not my last.  Thanks for reading!

Dream Theater band members, Mike Mangini, John Petrucci, James Labrie, Jordan Rudess, and John Myung.

Live Review & Picture Book: Dream Theater, Trivium at The Tabernacle, October 19