From Anchor FM to PodBean

Hello Leon La Grey Readers!

I hope all you guys are doing very well today, boy I have a story to tell you!

Very recently I’ve been putting time and effort on podcasting one episode each week about the tech commentaries what goes on the world about computers & Internet news. I try to keep everything up-to-date with this blog as much as I can. With so many things adding up.

My efforts being a blogger hasn’t changed, so everything will continue. Looking forward to get more post up each week. As of now make sure to follow me up over at my podcast, Leon La Grey Podcast

If you listen to Ep. 104 Why I switched from Anchor FM to PodBean you’ll understand why I switched! One of the reasons that kept me from writing a blog post last week.

Ep. 79 Saturday Night Live Episode on…. What’ is OnlyFans

This episode was recorded this past Saturday and wasn’t to able to get any editing done but now I am back.

Happy Tuesday everyone and enjoy!

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