Top Things Why I Choose Brave Why I Like It Over Its Competitors.

As someone myself that have used Brave Browser from the start.

What are my reason why I chose Brave over other browser like Chrome because of one thing, FREEDOM!  I chose to keep my data safe and secure from corporate browsers like Google’s Chrome that continue mine everyone’s browsing activity.  plus the other hand it takes a lot of desktop resources.  Even if your using the Chrome or not.  Here’s my top reason why you should consider switching over to Brave.

  1. Brave is fast and takes less desktop resources over Chrome and Firefox.
  2. Its free and open source for everyone to use.
  3. Third, you earn BAT (Basic Attention Token) to drive revenue as a content creator.  Its a big deal since Brave Software giving adversing options to creators.  Even if you’re not a content creator the micropayment will further increase with maximum use over time.
  4. Blocks out ads and trackers and makes thing easy for desktop or mobile users confidently secure.
Brave Rewards Image
Earn more for content you publish to the web

Brave’s revenue-sharing program is available for everyone sign up.  If you are a YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, Blogger or whatever content do its very easy to join.



May’s download numbers was reported from Forbes reached up to 13.5 million downloads.  From a recent Episode Joe Rogan Experience #1484 with guest Reggie Watts when the two mentioned Brave, the download numbers soared to 15.6 millions download in the month June alone according to Forbes.

One of the small or if not a minor issue is syncing BAT rewards through Brave’s Mobile App I was struggling on it at first,  however there’s not a way to do it once Brave Software gets an update for IOS and Android.

Lastly adding, Brave Browser mobile app does have issues when playing video inside the browser itself through some websites.

Bottom Line: Give Brave a try!  Tell you you what! You have nothing to lose If you do not like it within thirty days there’s no foul at all.  If you think its worth your switch, be sure to export bookmarks first from whatever current browser your using now then import it to Brave.

Open the link right here.   I hope you enjoy using the browser like I am right now.  Leave a comment down bellow if if you need any help on Brave or any questions at all.

Ep. 113 COVID-19 Phone Tracing, The Affect of our individual Privacy

For the sake in privacy one of my discussions will be about  phone tracking in COVID-19 world how more privacy violations will continue on while more countries to pass on stay at home orders and how this will erode American’s 4th amendments quickly as we are losing our personal freedom away from big government ever single year, not just americans but personal from all over the world.

Just because Government will continues to stay we are trying to keep you safe does mean mean a dam thing we they continue intrude your personal freedoms away. #SaveThe4th

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