Bicycling Season Will Not Violate Social Distancing Rules in Post COVID-19, Here’s why!

Grey Trak Marlin 7 Mountain Bike

Its already warm here in Georgia State.  Oh my!, I am feeling the heat!

This is the hottest I have felt since last summer.  its already late May while I am writing blog inside of a hot room its a very much a great time to start on bicycling while the weather is fantastic.  The sad part some events are canceling due to the COVID-19 situation here in the United States and everywhere else.  However as sad the situation is effecting everyone globally it doesn’t mean bicycling should be cancelled out.

As many may not understand that virus will not survive around the heat.  As many event cancelations are continuing to sore up due to the pandemic.  No one doesn’t know how accurate the case, I do believe 100% of COVID numbers are very much to continue to mislead the public.  Cycling conditions are very safe outside on public parks and streets, with cycling easy to social distance apart from everyone else.  Silly many of the public officials in parts of the US have place out caution tapes out on public park entries.

A report written by the Houston Chronicles stated bike sales have increase while gyms are closed in the United States.   Many of the Bicycling are trying meet demand for many people purchasing low-end bicycles

I do not blame those that trying to say active and take as much vitamin D as possible.  Studies shows bicycling one of the best reducers of high blood pressure, stress and shows to reduce diabetes.

Great article release from the WebMD on Vitamin D.