Cheddar McDonough Restuarant Review.

It was around lunch hour when I went inside Cheddar to eat, it was me and one of my friends that I went out to eat their that afternoon

What left me floored is that how the food was served to us in huge portions just like the Cheese cake Factory amazing no dough how it impress us.

Amazing even the food was great and we were happy about it and got to try it the week after the Grand opening, the minor issue I happen to find is the appetizer was bigger then my club sandwich.  I had the chicken  tenders and my friend had a plate full of onion rings! Lol

I find out that somehow I was talking to friend and we happen to find out it was taking to long for our appetizer and main course to get done it was past 15 minutes to get the food done here we are talking in the table and that was one thing we notice the we were there.

I was able finish the club sandwich but my friend wasn’t able to finish the chicken fettucini lol So he ended  up taking his chicken fettucini home. 

I like the place, I know its not going to be the last visiting this place.