Zackary Denman’s Dystopian Sci-Fi Hits The Spot On Mental Health Crisis

The whole year it has been a mental health Halloween nightmare since March 12.

Throughout this so called pandemic, many aren’t questioning what will happen to the U.S now sliding into downward depression.  This depiction of Zackary Denman’s Dystopian Sci-Fi hit the nail of what the world isn’t talking about now.  A few trustworthy medical experts are.

Zackary Denman's Dystopian Kain narrates his struggles In dealing with his emotions and his mental state from the lockdowns
Zackary Denman’s Dystopian Kain narrates his struggles in dealing with his emotions and his mental state.

Everything in place

2021 will come with no jobs in sight and masses of people worried how they are will keep the bills paid. With worry comes stress. Stress becomes a killer of mental health and constructive thinking. With everything in play now, it’s becoming more clear that the implementation of lockdowns in parts of the world did not work and NEVER will!

In Zackary Denman’s Dystopian scenic London world

In my last blog about the Post-COVID world, unlike previous episodes, the Mental Health narrative is from a first-person perspective instead of third-person.

Mental Health is Zackary Denman‘s Best Short Film release to date featuring the actor George Bloomfield‘s maybe last role (with Kain) in Dystopian.  Filming is top notch, greatly enhancing the Dystopian narrative. Some people have craved  lockdown, since it fits into their passive needs. That’s a bit scary. Lockdowns are now widely accepted as our 24/7 modern reality. No one wants to fight off this systemic change or question the potential further harm it will do to everyone.

The U.S has poorly managed Mental Health programs and treatments for a long time. It should come as no surprise that many reports are surfacing about unprecedented upticks in opioid and antidepressant use since midsummer.

According to MENAFN reported on 12/8:

“Using data prepared by the Florida Department of Health that shows a staggering rise in opioid deaths caused by the shutdown, Project Opioid created a model to include the entire United States. The model predicts overdose deaths from March 2020 to March 2021 will be between 140,000 and 175,000 people. When including pandemic suicide-related deaths that number could balloon to a total of 200,000 Americans.”

My friend, whom I spoke to on Aug 2, completely missed the point by arguing that grouping COVID deaths with suicides is not the right way. We know that. It would be like comparing deadly car accidents to drug-related deaths.

I wouldn’t compare the deaths between COVID and suicides since both of them are completely different matters. I’d never make that absurd comparison! What I will argue is that more harm will result from the lockdowns themselves, rather than the disease.

How to fix this mental health crisis?

Some ways we can fix the mental health issues are:

  • Lift travel restrictions
  • Let small local businesses return to normal
  • Stop the mask mandates (Masks never work on viruses)
  • End the government lockdown!

Many people aren’t used to being confined by the four walls of their rooms. Most are tired & frustrated. What the year 2020 has shown is that Government’s quick reactionary “solution” has done more damage than good!