R.I.P Steve Jobs :((

Found out yesterday six hours ago, Steve Jobs just died from pancreatic cancer.

I wasn’t expecting this at all, Just when my Brother was telling me that Steve Job just died when my Brother found out somewhere on Facebook.  My heart sink

 Very unexpected passing I don’t know if this was going to happen at a young age of 56 for such a young man.  A tragic lost!, I know I’m a little behind, I’m going to do a bit of writing before heading to sleep.

Felt like going to an Apple Store to purchase a new iPhone 4GS or Mac Book Pro for the Holiday Season, since I can’t afford one.  I’ll do it as a tribute for the man that impacted the computer world as we all know. The way I felt about his death appeared it felt, He knew that he knew that he wasn’t gonna last, finding out back in 2005, he announced over his Stanford Commencement Address that he had cancer he knew more than anyone he wasn’t gonna live long.  I’m glad that I grew up using Apple in my lifetime.

Steve Jobs was one of best things to come out from the 20th through early 21st Century that he has done to envision technology for a new generation.

Thank You Steven Paul Jobs!

Steve Jobs Black and White Photo